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Where is my game!?

Author: Adam/Friday, September 20, 2013/Categories: About Our Products, Television Plus, Sports

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You have your chips, your soda (or 'pop' depending on where you live) and your remote. Maybe even a pizza on the way. You are ready to enjoy a great Sunday afternoon when you flip on the game and BOOM... it's not your game. nfl games

Why are you being punished!? Who do you blame for this? Someone must pay! The immediate reaction is to blame the cable company or the local network affiliate for choosing which game to show. The cable company (i.e. Armstrong) has no choice in the matter. We are simply displaying the feed from the local network affiliate to you, the viewer. The local affiliate also has little choice in the matter as the NFL has contracts with the national broadcast network to determine what games are played when and in what area. The e-how article here explains these rules and contracts in some detail. (Note: the article was posted pre-2011 and some details may have changed). While this explanation is most likely not very comforting as you still want to watch your team play, we can not make any changes. We understand and sympathize, but we honestly have no control. If you want to know ahead of time, there is a behind the scenes formula that will determine what games are shown at what times one certain weeks, it can get a bit confusing. An independent site shows weekly coverage maps for NFL games by network and time. A great alternative to all the heartache is having access to NFL Red Zone. Available from 1:00 to 7:00 every Sunday during the regular season, you can catch all the scoring plays and any action inside the Red Zone from all across the league. Available to Value Pack and HD subscribers, NFL fans can get all the action in one spot. So, if your team isn't playing, isn't available or isn't worth watching... NFL Red Zone is a great alternative.    

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