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Author: Adam/Friday, January 2, 2015/Categories: Special

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shutterstock_1085789002015. It is here. Is it what we thought it would be? According to the futuristic predictions from Back to the Future II, there are a lot of things we are missing. Of course, flying cars being the main thing, what are some of the other technologies we were promised? Let's take a look. E! Online shared some predictions from the 1989 hit sequel that have fallen a bit short. Marty and Doc travelled to 2015 in part of the movie. During their trip there were plenty of future technologies and predictions that we have been waiting on since the movie hit theaters. The self tying shoes and self fitting clothes are something I am glad never became a reality. However, the hover boards would have been really cool. While, I think no one really thought the Cubs would be winning the World Series this year, I did figure we would have had a few more Jaws sequels. Which predictions did you really want to see come true this year?

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