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Why You Need a PIN

Author: Adam/Tuesday, May 15, 2012/Categories: Special

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We value your personal information. We never share anything related to your account with any other companies and certainly not to anyone who is not authorized to have access to it. That is why we place such importance on privacy and having a security PIN (personal identification number) on each account. There are times when you call in to our customer service center that we may ask you to provide us with your PIN depending on the reason for your call.  For customers that prefer to  access your account online, we ask you to provide us your PIN each and every time you log in. This is either a number that you have chosen previously or a temporary number that was assigned to you. (If you had this assigned to you, you will be asked to change it to a permanent PIN upon your first log in.) This PIN should only be known by you and those in your household you want to have access to your account.  Without this number, no one can make changes to your account.   Just think of the headache this could save While we understand this may be a mild inconvenience, (who doesn't have to remember dozens of passwords and PINs?) the benefits far outweigh the minor hassle. Imagine someone claiming to be you. (I mean, how easy is it to get someone's birthday, address and even a mother's maiden name these days?)  It could take weeks or even months to try to track down changes to the account made by someone else. This PIN keeps your private information safe and saves you time and money having to track down identity theft attempts.   Don't Remember your PIN? We do understand that you could have forgotten the security number. As long as you have Armstrong Telephone,  we can, at that time, call you back at the home number associated with your account. This will allow us to confirm your identity and start the process for resetting the PIN, as well as help you with your account. The process for resetting your PIN requires us to send you a form in the mail. Once you complete this and return it to us, you will have a new PIN that you selected (and hopefully remember.)

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