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Zone·ify™ Now Available on Armstrong EXP!

Zone·ify™ Now Available on Armstrong EXP!

Author: Craig/Thursday, June 6, 2019/Categories: About Our Products, EXP, Entertainment

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Update:  Zone-ify has been redesigned to encourage linear story (playlist) viewing, to simplify navigation, and to present more content variety.  Armstrong EXP subscribers, check out the enhanced Zone-ify app for no additional charge today!

Zone-TV is a multi-channel, linear viewing experience, powered by artificial intelligence offering over 8,000 hours of viewing content.  It’s available as an app, which leads you to 12 themed channels focused on food, gaming, specialty sports, outdoor adventure, kids, entertainment and more.  A 13th channel, My-Zone, is a personalized channel designed to learn your viewing preferences.  As an added feature for easy access, each of the 13 channels has its own channel number on EXP that you can tune to directly. 

The Zone-ify app is an ad supported offering available at no additional charge for Armstrong EXP customers.

A full description of the exciting new channels available with Zone·ify follows.

  • My-zone (channel 650) – Allows each member of the household to have an individualized channel.  The zone-ify cognitive engine, powered by artificial intelligence, tracks viewing behaviors to tailor a channel for every viewer.
  • Brainiac (channel 651) – Go to space with NASA, learn more enlightening science facts, or keep up to date with the latest gadgets in the tech world.  Brainiac has the information to satisfy your scholarly inner geek.
  • Expression (channel 652) – Dedicated to bringing viewers the best arts and entertainment shows that deliver a mix of comedy, visual art, dance, and music.
  • Foodies (channel 653) – Cook along with your favorite chefs, put a modern twist on classic meals, test drive some new cuisines, and tantalize your taste buds with restaurant reviews and travel shows from all over the world.
  • Game-On (channel 654) – The best from the world of sports.  Behind the scenes commentary, exclusive footage, and the best tips & tricks, from classic to extreme sports.
  • Hangout (channel 655) – Everyone needs a Hangout, and this is a place teens can call their own.  Teen culture, social media, style, and entertainment are all included.
  • Inform (channel 656) – Our world is full of wonder, excitement, news, and views – it’s all about being “in the know.”  Inform has everything you need on the subjects you enjoy and care about.
  • Level-up (channel 657) – Take your gaming and entertainment interests to the next level with daily content from your favorite bloggers and gamers.
  • Mancave (channel 658) – Fishing and shooting and beards!  Mancave is here to bring you everything from the world of guy stuff, whether it’s grilling with the guys, playing poker, or making things go Boom.
  • Motors (channel 659) – High speed and high energy, Motors is the channel for the gearhead, speed freak, boat, plane, train, and car lover.  If it has a motor, it’s on Motors.
  • Outdoors (channel 600) – Outdoors will take you on an adventure like no other.  Tune in to learn how to survive in the wilderness, reel in a favorite fish, or hunt for precious relics buried underground.
  • Playground (channel 661) – Kids can check out popular characters, read exciting stories, or engage in fun learning exercises.  Playground engages young children to read and enjoy entertaining videos with positive family values.
  • Styler (channel 662) – Dedicated to bringing programming geared towards modern women.  Today’s woman can find style tips, dating advice, home improvement, fitness, travel, and more in Styler.

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