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Upcoming Contract Renewals

Armstrong strives to deliver the best TV programming available with the channels you want at a great value. All programming we offer is subject to agreements with media companies who provide content and the rights to us. These contracts vary in length, but many run for a number of years. Armstrong has consistently reached agreement with programming groups to continue carriage without experiencing an interruption of service. We will provide notification on this site in the event an agreement is not renewed.

Broadcast station signals include multicast channels, if any are associated. Broadcast stations are grouped geographically by Nielsen into designated market areas (DMA). A station may be carried in several markets but not others. Click here to view a map of these markets. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the regulatory agency for broadcast television.

Contracts to carry the channels listed below are currently in negotiation with an expiration date of April 30, 2021:

  • Starz

The Rising Cost of Programming

TV sports rights continue to skyrocket, year after year.

8 media giants own 90% of the TV channels you watch.

Total network TV fees have increased by 90% over the past decade.

Local Broadcast Station fees charged to Cable Operators have increased by 600% over the past decade.

For more information about the rising cost of programming and concerns associated with contract disputes, visit the American TV Alliance.
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