Jonah, an Automated Text Messenger, Joins the Armstrong Customer Service Team

Armstrong customers can opt-in to receive virtual messages via text from Jonah, Armstrong’s name for its new SMS BOT (automated text message function). Jonah is trained to send automated service reminders and to respond in real-time to basic account questions.

Jonah is able to send text messages on the following subjects:

  • Appointment reminder
  • Outage alert
  • Outage resolved
  • Tech is on the way
  • Service change
  • Account balance
  • Your statement is ready
  • Payment made
  • Account is past due
  • Payment issue

Jonah SMS text messages

Jonah also provides a quick and easy way to make a one-time payment. If you need to make a payment in order to reconnect services, after the payment is successful, Jonah will inform a member of our customer care team to restart services as soon as possible.

Customers can respond to the conversation initiated by Jonah to request more assistance or ask questions regarding your account and Armstrong services. If a question is outside of Jonah’s scope, the virtual assistant can escalate an interaction to Armstrong’s live chat agents, when available, during hours of operation.

How to Opt-In/Opt-Out

To opt-in to receive these helpful messages from Armstrong, login to your account, select the Communication Preferences tab and select the type of messages you’d like to receive. Text messages from Jonah begin with the introduction: “This is Jonah, Armstrong’s virtual text assistant.” Reply STOP to opt-out of receiving messages from Jonah.

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