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How to Watch 4K Content on EXP

We are working to bring you more 4K content than ever before!

Check to see if you're 4K ready in two easy steps:

  1. Check your primary set top box:
  2. Armstrong 4K STB's. Pace MG1 not 4K ready. Arris MG2 is 4K ready.

    If you have a Pace MG1 and would like to get 4K content, please call us at 1-877-277-5711!

  3. Confirm your TV is 4K capable.
  4. Look for the Ultra HD Premium Logo:

    Ultra HD Premium Logo

    You can see if you have an Ultra HD Premium Certified TV here:

Once you are 4K ready, simply tune to Armstrong Channel 200 to watch select content in 4K.

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