EXP Home Screen

Easily access popular destinations in the EXP experience; get personalized recommendations from the SmartBar and What to Watch, and watch/control the current-playing show.

Home Screen Menu Items

Use the Left and right arrow buttons on your remote to move between menu items, and press ok/select to choose one. Use back to go to the previous screen.

  • My Shows takes you straight to your recorded and streaming videos instantly, no matter if they're TV recordings, on demand shows, or streaming from apps like Netflix or Hulu.
  • What to Watch lets you browse shows available to stream, watch live, bookmark, or record, divided into popular categories.
  • On Demand takes you to your On Demand.
  • Apps & Games lets you access your favorite streaming and music apps directly.
  • Search searches by title, actor name, or keyword - across TV, On Demand, and popular streaming apps all at once.

Settings Menu

To manage your recordings and OnePass searches and to control your settings, move to the Menu icon and press ok/select. Here, you'll be able to customize your options, including recording settings, OnePass priorities, Parental Controls settings and User Preferences.

The SmartBar

The SmartBar predicts shows to watch based on what your household usually watches at a particular time of day. For example, if you normally watch the previous night's late-night talk show the next morning, you'll see it in the SmartBar when you wake up. If the kids tend to watch shows while dinner's cooking, those shows will be waiting in the SmartBar at that time each day. Use the down arrow on your remote to move the SmartBar, then select a show to go to the Series or Movie screen, where you can choose to watch it.

Video Window & Background

The video you were watching when you entered the Home screen, by default, continues to play in the background. Similarly, on most other menu screens, a video window located in the upper right corner plays the current video as well.

  • Press pause on your remote to pause the video background or window, and press pause again to resume playing.
  • Temporarily hide the background video or video in the window by pressing the slow button, and again to bring it back.
  • Watch the video in full screen by pressing exit.
You can choose how to display video on the Home screen, or choose to turn it off completely.
  • Select the menu icon, then select user preferences > video window.
  • Turn the video off on all screens by setting display video window to no.
When Display Video Window is set to yes, Home screen options include:
  • Full screen (background): The currently-playing video is shown as a full-screen video in the background of the Home screen.
  • Top right: The currently-playing video is shown in the upper-right corner of the Home screen.
  • Off: The currently-playing video is not displayed on the Home screen.

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