EXP Voice Features

The EXP Voice feature gives you access to speak into your voice compatible remote control to perform a number of different actions.

Access the Voice Feature
  • Press and hold the voice button (blue microphone) on the remote
  • Speak into the remote

Voice Command Results

  • Once you have provided a command, there are two ways you could see your results.
    • Single result - associated content screen will be displayed
    • Multiple results - multiple options will be shown on the bottom of the screen with the background darkened to increase visibility of the results strip.
  • You may see text at the top of the results strip - this is called the "smart response." This viewer-friendly language varies depending on your request, and confirms what results are being shown.

Supported Capabilities

Below are examples of the voice features in multiple different ways

Search - No more letter-by-letter searches
  • Title: "Margin Call", "Terminator 3", "The Simpsons", "How I Met Your Mother"
  • Sequel: "Mission Impossible", "Fast and Furious", "Star Wars movies""
  • Team: "Red Sox", "Golden State Warriors"
  • Sports Schedule: "When are the Celtics playing next?"
  • Role: "James Bond movies"
  • Tournament: "World Series", "US Open Tennis", "The Masters"
Smart Search - Don't know the exact title of the content? No problem.
  • Alternate Title: "New York Yankees", "The Oscars", "Tune to HGTV"
  • Popular Abbreviations: "MLB", "MI3"
  • Graph Connections: "Movies with Jack Gleeson from Game of Thrones", "Movies with Julia Louis from Seinfeld"
Filtered Search - Provide characteristics in your search
  • Actor Title: "Tom Cruise", "Penelope Cruz"
  • Crew: "Movies directed by Tom Hanks"
  • Personality Intersections: "Tom Hanks movies with Julia Roberts"
  • Personality Genre: "Tom Hanks comedy movies"
  • Sports Genre: "Football games", "Basketball"
Filtered Browsing - Assists in finding content with specific parameters
  • Negative Filters: "Superman movies without Brandon Routh"
Personalized Browsing - Provides recommendations based on your interests
  • Genre: "Action movies"
  • Decade/Release Year: "Comedy movies from the 90's"
  • Temporal Filter: "Shows on TV tonight","What's on this weekend", "Movies this weekend"
  • Source Based Content: "Shows on TV", "Movies On Demand"
  • Content Recommendations: "What's on TV?", "Anything good on HBO?"
Simplified Navigation - Bypass channel numbers and menu navigation
  • Station Title: "HBO Family", "Watch FXX"
  • Voice-activated scrolling: "Show me movies on tonight"
  • Navigation: "Home", "Launch Netflix", "Guide"
Conversation - Speak to the feature as if it were another person
  • List Item Selection: "Tom Hanks movies" --> "Pick the first one"
  • Result Refinement: "Tom Hanks movies" --> "The one released in 2012"
  • Results Non-Refinement: "Show me movies with Tom Cruise" --> "Movies with Tom Hanks" --> "Adventure movies on tonight"
  • Pronoun Based Refinement: "Tom Cruise movies with Nicole Kidman" --> "His comedy movies"
  • Context Senstive Entity: "When do the Kings play next?" vs. "When is Kings releasing?"
Context Awareness - Receive the right response even if you say something inaccurately
  • Speech-to-text Error Corrections: "Tom Thanks" (correct to Hanks)
Quick Adoption - Say your favorite quotes from your favorite movies
  • Quotes: "Here's looking at you kid", "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse"
Apps - Launch the apps below with your voice
  • Netflix
  • HBO GO
  • Hulu
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Plex
  • WWE
  • Toon Goggles
  • HSN
  • iHeartRadio
  • Pandora

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