Creating WishList® Searches

WishList search finds shows that match your search criteria on any channel you receive – and it keeps on searching for as long as you keep the WishList search.

You can search for something specific by creating a WishList search with multiple criteria: for instance, you might create a WishList search for actor George Clooney, category Movies, and sub-category Action. This WishList search would find action movies starring George Clooney.

You can even use WishList searches to find something very specific. For example, the Keyword GIANTS with category Football would find Giants football games, but not Giants baseball games.

If you choose to auto-record matches to your WishList search, you'll find any recorded matches in your My Shows list. WishList recordings are marked with a star in the My Shows list.

Creating a WishList search is simple:

  • Press the TiVo button then choose Search then Create a Wishlist Search
  • Next, start choosing criteria for your WishList search. You can choose any or all of the following:
    • Keyword Search for shows with specific words in the show or episode title, description, actor, director, year, or category.
    • Title Keyword Search for shows with specific words in the show or episode title.
    • Actor Search for shows with your favorite actor.
    • Director Search for shows by a specific director.
    • Category Search for specific categories and sub-categories of shows (for example, action movies or nature documentaries).
  • After entering your initial search criteria, you'll return to the Create WishList Search screen. Continue adding as many search criteria to your WishList Search as you like. For instance, you could create a WishList search for only pirate movies starring Johnny Depp.
    • Keyword: Pirate
    • Actor: Johnny Depp
    • Category: Movies
  • The TiVo service automatically assigns a name to your WishList search. To assign a different name, select WishList Name.
  • When you're finished entering search criteria, select Done creating this WishList Search.

After you've created the WishList search, you can do any of the following:

  • View upcoming programs You'll see a list of shows airing in the next two weeks or so that match your WishList search criteria. You can choose to record individual shows from the list.
  • Auto-record WishList programs Your DVR will automatically record any shows matching your WishList search criteria until you modify or delete the WishList search.
  • Edit or delete WishList search You can change the WishList search – for example, to correct a misspelling or to add a category to narrow the results – or cancel it.

Using the Asterisk (*) in WishList Searches

To search for similar words in a Keyword or Title WishList, use the asterisk (*) as a wild card symbol that replaces the endings of words. For example, the keyword AIRP* would find shows containing "airport," "airplane," "airplanes," as well as the movie "Airplane!"

  • To enter an asterisk, press the SLOW button.

Note: You can use the asterisk only at the end of a keyword, not to omit letters at the beginning or in the middle of a word.

Auto-recording a WishList search

You can set a WishList search to auto-record, and it will record every show it finds, on any channel you receive.

Each auto-recording WishList Search and its upcoming recordings are marked with a star in the To Do List and the OnePass® Manager. If you want to be sure that all matching shows are recorded, give the auto-recording WishList search a high priority in the OnePass® Manager.

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