Migrating from HomePass to Business Pro Wi-Fi powered by WorkPass

Built specifically for small businesses, Business Pro Wi-Fi, powered by the Plume WorkPass™ app, is an enterprise-grade tool tailor made for you. Wi-Fi should be more than just signal strength and you’ve made a great choice.

If you were already a HomePass customer or have WorkPass and want a static IP added to your account, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will prepare you for the transition.

Before you contact Armstrong, make sure you select a time that works for you and your business. You will need to gather some information, have the appropriate staff available, and select a time for the change where your business operations won’t be affected or will only be minimally interrupted. The transfer can take a few minutes to complete, and your Internet service will not be available during the transition.

To minimize the time, it takes to transition your account, you will need…

  • Account holder or authorized representative with account number and PIN
  • Network related information including network name (SSID) and password
    • It is important to maintain the same network name and password that you currently have established to ensure your devices automatically reconnect, otherwise you will need to manually reconnect on each device
  • Primary email address that will be used with the WorkPass app, including password
    • Choose an email address that is not already associated with HomePass and/or WorkPass
  • Review the WorkPass Quick Start Guide to complete your network setup
  • For more information, click here to view the full WorkPass Mobile app user manual

Ready to make the switch? Call today. We look forawrd to assisting you.

Thank you for choosing Armstrong.

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