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MyWire FAQ

  • What is Armstrong MyWire?
  • ArmstrongMyWire Autoplay
  • Does Armstrong mywire require a broadband connection?
  • Who do I contact if I can't access Armstrong MyWire, or my login fails?
  • How do I change my Armstrong MyWire password?
  • How do I access the Armstrong MyWire App Tray?
  • How private is my personal information that I gave when I opened my Armstrong MyWire account?
  • I checked Remember Me when I logged in my email but it didn't save.
  • How do I disable automatic spell check?
  • How do I change the FROM name on the emails I send?
  • How do you add a personal signature to an email?
  • What should I do if I receive an objectionable email?
  • How do I add an email address or domain to my "always allowed" or "always blocked" list?
  • What can I do to reduce SPAM?
  • How is SPAM managed?
  • How do I change from Conversation to Message View or Move/Turn Off the Reading Pane?
  • Can anyone else access my Armstrong MyWire premium content?
  • I sometimes see pop-up advertisements while viewing my premium content. Can I stop the ads?
  • I can't view my premium content when the video window appears.
  • Can I leave my e-mail, messaging, and other programs running while using Armstrong MyWire?