Plume HomePass® Sense

HomePass Sense™ uses SuperPods and the Wi-Fi connected devices in your home to detect motion. It’s a smart motion detection system that also informs you when family members or guests arrive or leave your home.

How does HomePass Sense Work?

Sense™ detects the disturbances in Wi-Fi signals between your SuperPods or between a SuperPod™ and a motion capable device. These disturbances in the signal are translated into Motion events, which you can use to keep yourself aware of activity in your home.

What would I use HomePass Sense for?

  • Receive notifications when your children get home from school or when a spouse leaves for/returns from work.
  • Receive alerts if there’s unexpected motion in the home while you’re away (i.e. a break-in).
  • HomePass Sense also sets the stage for future innovation such as integration with smart home platforms. The possibilities for the future are endless!

How to Enable:

  • Tap the Sense™ button on the Home screen of your HomePass™ app. Then turn Sense on to start initializing.
  • After initialization, the system will enter a passive state to learn the baseline of your home. It will detect motion between SuperPods, and begin enabling devices as sensors 10 minutes later.

Assigning a Primary Device:

Each person can have a primary device assigned to their profile. That primary device’s connections and disconnections from the network determines if they show up as being at home, which is also important for managing Sense alerts. You should always choose a device they are not likely to leave home without and that will always stay powered. Smartwatches that connect to Wi-Fi or mobile phones are ideal.

  • Tap on the People icon and choose a person. Ensure the device in question is already assigned to that person.
  • If a primary device has not been set, the Assign primary device notification will be shown. Tap on the notification.
  • Choose a primary device and tap on Done to save.

App Settings:

  • Under Motion Settings, you can enable “Smart Activation” to automatically arm or disarm the home when all people leave and return.
  • Here you can also choose to disable devices to be used as motion sensors.

Tip: Smart Activation

To automatically activate Plume Sense™ alerts as people leave and return, enable “Smart Activation” under Sense settings.

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