Setting up Port Forwarding in the HomePass® App

Port forwarding allows you to open specific ports in the router’s firewall which are needed by some services to communicate to devices on your network. A port has an internal and an external value called the port number. Multiple external hosts can use the same external port number, but each internal port must be different, this allows Network Address Translation (NAT) to identify the destination for inbound traffic. Port forwarding in necessary when you are having issues related to a restricted NAT.

To set up Port Forwarding in the HomePass® App:

  1. From the Menu select the Advanced Settings (gear icon).
  2. You need to set an IP reservation for the local device.
  3. From the IP reservation, tap on Open Port.
  4. Enter a name for the rule (each name needs to be unique).
  5. Enter the External Port number the service requires.
  6. Enter the Internal Port number* to be used on the device.
    • Use the same number as the external to just open the port or another number to route the traffic to a different port.
  7. Choose the required Protocol.
  8. Tap on Save.
  9. Repeat these steps for each rule needed.
    • If the external port was already used for one service, it is not necessary to set it again for a different service on the same device.
    • The external port number for each rule can be the same, however the internal port number must always be unique. This means you will need to choose another internal port number for each local device.

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