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Problems with Website Features

If you are experiencing trouble with certain features of a website, note that some websites contain Java applets, Active X controls, Java Script or other advanced features that your web browser cannot process. Make sure that your browser supports these features and that they are activated.

You may want to make sure that you have downloaded the most current version of your web browser. Web browsers at times require an additional plug-in to allow certain features to work properly. Some sites provide a link to download any plug-ins you may need. Web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer will attempt to download any plug-ins you may need.

In some cases virtual memory applications that allow your computer to operate as though it has more RAM can interfere with some web browsers. To correct this problem, disable the software and upgrade your computer with actual RAM.

The web site may contain nonstandard HTML or unusual scripting that can only be interpreted by a specific web browser. These web sites generally indicate the web browser needed in order to view these pages best.

Finally, the website that you are attempting to access could simply be overloaded or down. Wait a while and try again later. Also, the website may simply contain erroneous or corrupt code.

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