Audio is Different Language

If the audio you are hearing on a program is a different language, please review the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • Wait to see if the different language is simply a portion of the program you are watching
  • Check to be sure you haven't tuned to one of the following foreign language channels:
    • MTV tr3s (Spanish)
    • MUN2 (Spanish)
    • HBO Latino (Spanish)
    • RAI (Italian)
    • TV5 (French)
  • Change the audio option on your TV from "SAP" (Second Audio Programming) to "STD" (Standard) using the Menu/Setup option on your TV remote or TV
  • Check the On-Screen Guide settings
    • On your remote, press CABLE then the MENU button twice.
    • Select the SETUP menu then choose AUDIO SETUP
    • Make sure the Default Audio Track is set to English
    • Press EXIT
  • Check the settings on the VCR/DVD recorder for CC/SAP and ANT/Air
  • Contact your TV manufacturer for assistance

If none of these suggestions helped resolve the issue, contact us. We're here to help!

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