Parental Controls

With the PARENTAL CONTROLS features of your On-Screen Guide, you are in control. You can restrict viewing by rating, such as R or NC-17. you can also restrict viewing by program title. For even greater security, you can also completely lock out certain channels or programs.

PARENTAL CONTROLS menu offers flexibility to lock programs by:

  • Movie and TV ratings
  • TV content advisory rating
  • Channel
  • Title
  • ON DEMAND purchases
  • "TV Content Locks"based on TV content advisory ratings.
  • Violence, Language, Situations and suggestive dialogue.


  • Enter your four-digit Parental Control Code. (If you have not already set a code, you'll be prompted to do so now.)
  • Use the up and down ARROW buttons to highlight either TV RATINGS, MOVIE RATING or CHANNEL, and press OK.
  • Then press the left and right ARROW buttons until the desired rating or channel appears and press the LOCK button.
  • To lock a specific program or movie title, find the listing in the GUIDE, highlight it, and press LOCK.
  • To remove a lock, press LOCK again.
  • To view a locked program, enter your four-digit Parental Control Code.

Television Parental Guidelines

In October 1997, most cable and broadcast networks voluntarily agreed to adopt a television rating system that includes content labels. A program's rating will appear for 15 seconds in the upper left-hand corner of your television at the beginning of the program. Please keep in mind that not all networks have agreed to participate.

Programs Designed for Children

  • TV−Y−All Children - Appropriate for all children
  • TV−Y7−Directed to Older Children - For children ages 7 and above. An FV content label may be applied to a program in this category if it contains elements of "fantasy violence" Content Labels: FV (Fantasy Violence)

General Audience Programming

  • TV−G−General Audience - Suitable for all ages
  • TV−14−Parental Guidance Suggested - Contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children
  • TV−14−Parents Strongly Cautioned - Contains material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under age 14
  • TV−MA−Mature Audience Only -Specifically designed to be viewed by adults and may be unsuitable for children under age 17

Content Ratings

  • Applied when appropriate to programs rated TV-PG, TV-14 and TV-MA: D (suggestive dialogue), L (coarse language), S (sexual situations) and V (violence)

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