Guide Search

Looking for something? Check out the SEARCH feature of your On-Screen Guide. When you know the name of the program you want to watch, but you don't know what time or channel it is on, use the SEARCH function.

Search by Title

  • Highlight the SEARCH bar in the MAIN MENU and press OK.
  • Now search by Title, Keyword or by Actor/ Director and with Auto Record.
  • A screen with letters A through Z and 1 through 9 will appear on the left side. Scroll through each box, entering up to five letters of the show's name. Use the ARROW buttons to change the letter and/or number that you want to appear in the title.
  • Once the correct letters are in the box, press OK. The search list will automatically scroll. Keep entering letters until the program appears in the listing, then press OK.
  • If the program is currently on, highlight and press OK to view it now.

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