On Demand Parental & Purchase Controls

You can control who watches and purchases ON DEMAND programs in your household.

  • Go to MAIN MENU and select SETUP.
  • Scroll down to PARENTAL CONTROL SETUP and press OK. This is where you can set up two PIN numbers: a Parental Control PIN for blocking content and a Purchase Code for blocking purchases.
  • Scroll to PURCHASE PIN and press OK.
  • Type in your chosen code and select OK. Now whenever you order a Pay program you'll be asked for your Purchase Code. You can tell which programs you've locked because appears next to the title in your listings.


  • Free ON DEMAND programs will play without a Purchase Code. To lock those, use a Parental Control code.
  • You can lock only ON DEMAND programs by rating. Locks applied to specific Television Plus program titles do not apply to ON DEMAND programs.
  • If the power goes out, your Purchase code is still saved in your set-top's memory.

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