On Demand: Ordering

Armstrong On Demand puts you in control. Get access to the latest reality show episodes, your favorite drama series and sitcoms, concerts and music videos — most of them for free with Television Plus!

Ordering On Demand programming is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Simply tune your set top or TV to Channel 1 OR simply use the ON DEMAND or VOD button on your remote.

2. Using the arrow keys on your remote, select a category. Then highlight a program or movie and press OK/SELECT.

3. Select to begin watching your choice or to purchase a pay movie or event* and enjoy the show.

*Please note: you will be asked to confirm any selection that requires an additional fee.

FREE ON DEMAND: Much of the programming available on ON DEMAND is free with your Armstrong subscription. Choose great kids shows; concerts, music videos and backstage specials; news and information; special interest programming; sports and more.

MOVIES ON DEMAND: New releases and classic hollywood hits many are available the same day they are released on DVD. Start watching any time, pause and resume any time within your viewing period. And watch as many times as you want within your viewing period for no additional cost!

SUBSCRIPTION ON DEMAND: For one monthly price, you'll have access to an entire library of content from services like WWE 24/7, Funimation, Disney Family Movies and Karaoke. If you subscribe to a service such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime or Starz, you have access to their ON DEMAND library at no additional charge!

Room-to-Room Viewing

Armstrong ON DEMAND offers Room-To-Room Viewing. Start watching a show in one room and finish it in another—at no extra charge. Room-to-room viewing is available on every television equipped with a set-top box.

More On Demand Tips

  • To pause, fast forward, rewind or stop a program, use the video control buttons on the remote.
  • Once you have selected a program for viewing and have pressed View or Buy , please wait a few seconds for the show to start. "ONE MOMENT PLEASE" will appear on your screen, indicating that your program will begin shortly. Repeatedly pressing the OK button will continually restart the process and delay your viewing.
  • Programs selected or viewed will be stored in the "My Viewing" folder for 24 hours, so you can watch them again!

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