Ordering a Pay-Per-View Event


Our pay-per-view partner has decided to discontinue its live event distribution service and we will no longer offer pay-per-view events on channel 600 Event TV HD (PPV), effective July 31st, 2023.

Pay-Per-View Events are available on channel 600.

Order Pay-Per-View with your Armstrong Remote

For EXP Boxes:

    1. Locate the event you wish to order.

    2. Select Rent and Record

    3. Confirm your purchase by selecting "Yes, rent this program."

    4. You should now see a "Purchase Confirmed" screen.

    5. Simply tune to the designated Pay-Per-View at the start of the Event.

For Set Top Boxes and HD DVR's:

    1. Press the Menu button on your Armstrong remote control.

    2. Select the Pay-Per-View icon from the Quick Menu at the bottom of your screen.

    3. Select Pay-Per-View Events and select the event you would like to order.

    4. Select the Buy icon.

    5. Press Exit to return to Live TV.

    6. A reminder is automatically set when a Pay-Per-View program is ordered and will appear on your screen when the program is about to begin.

Order Pay-Per-View by Phone

Call Armstrong at 1-877-277-5711.

Problems Viewing a Pay-Per-View Event?

  • If the Pay-Per-View program has already started, make sure your order went through by following the steps above once again. You should recieve a confirmation message that the order was completed.

If you verified the above and are still experiencing problems viewing the event, please contact our Customer Service and Support Team at 1-877-277-5711.

Note: Pay-Per-View service is valid for Armstrong Residential customers only. Armstrong Business Solutions customers should contact their Business Account Representative for more information.

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