Change the way you watch TV

With Armstrong DVR, you can watch a program while recording another show.

dual tuner digital video recorder allows you to set recordings for two different programs that air at the same time, or watch one while recording another. You can watch and control either program by using the SWAP button on your remote.

While watching a show:

  • Press RECORD to record the program you are watching.
  • Press SWAP and tune to the second program you want to record.
  • Press RECORD. Both programs will be recorded.

From the Guide:

  • Highlight a program you want to record from any listings screen.
  • Press RECORD to set up the first recording.
  • Highlight the second program.
  • Press RECORD to set up the second recording.

Control live TV using your DVR

PAUSE. For programs you are watching live, your DVR will remain in pause for up to one hour* (15 minutes of HDTV). Press PLAY to continue watching the program. To return to live programming, press PAGE DOWN or LIVE TV button.

*Length of Live TV and Pause feature varies by program source.

REWIND. You can rewind as far back as the start of the recording. Press REWIND up to 4 times to increase the speed.

FAST FORWARD. Press FAST FORWARD to move forward in the program. Press FAST FORWARD up to 4 times to increase the speed.

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