Replacing your Remote

If your Armstrong TV remote is at the end of its life, is no longer working as intended, or maybe you’ve misplaced the device, Armstrong customers have a few options to replace or exchange remote controls.

  • Order a New Remote or Remote(s) Online:
    Login to your Armstrong account and select Order Accessories in the tabs under My Account. Select your remote(s) and proceed to order. Any charges will apply to your next monthly Armstrong bill.

  • Call in to Armstrong’s Customer Care Team to Order a New Remote:
    Armstrong’s Customer Care Team is available 24/7 for your convenience. Call 877-277-5711 to see if you’re eligible to receive a complimentary remote placement. Typically, if your remote stops working due to normal use, you can receive a free replacement. A fee may apply if the remote is physically damaged.

  • Visit your Local Armstrong Store to Replace your Remote:
    Stop by your local store to exchange your non-working remote at no cost. Click here to find your nearest store. A fee may apply if the remote is physically damaged.

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