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Innovation & Impact

Armstrong is committed to ensuring our employees and communities thrive, leaving the planet better for future generations and driving innovation that improves the world. As we consider the future, recognizing that reducing our negative impact is not enough, we aspire to make a positive impact for generations to come. We strive to make our mark as a purpose-driven organization, while empowering our employees to do the same through their individual actions.

Fuel EfficienciesFuel Efficient Fleets

Armstrong has converted 75% of our fleet to more fuel-efficient vans, having an impact on the consumption of fossil fuels used by the 286 vehicles across our six-state service area. We are actively working on converting the remainder of our fleet.

We’ve invested in training our technicians as universal techs to handle all products in our robust suite, creating more efficient schedules based on location, which ensures appointment timeliness, cuts down on longer routes, and requires less fuel, even with efficient Transit vans.

Energy ConsumptionReduced Energy Consumption

Investing in Passive Optical Networks (PONs) and new Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) ensures the delivery of faster speeds, more data, and more TV viewing options, while using less electricity.

We have decreased the average energy consumption by 78.2% with this strategy. The average annual cost of energy to run your equipment has decreased from $52 per year to $11.50 per year.

RecyclingRecycling/Supply Chain Improvements

Armstrong seeks to minimize waste in all our corporate and local office locations, encouraging secure recycling of bottles, cans, boxes, and paper.

We actively participate in equipment reuse and recycling, including unused and old electronics, battery control, and other waste in accordance with a safe and environmentally-friendly focus.

Customer service

Engaged Employees & Partners

Armstrong employees are deeply committed to our company values and to work towards building a stronger community and world. As our company grows, we will continue to foster a culture that puts people first and upholds fundamental values, such as honesty, integrity and accountability. Our employees regularly act to ensure a better future for all.

Fostering an inclusive workplace.

Inclusivity is central to Armstrong’s beliefs. Across our organization, we believe that inclusion reflects our diverse communities and empowers our people to build a better future together. We all have a role to play in inclusion and believe our culture is the result of our behaviors and our commitment to do what is right and fair for all.

Prioritizing employees’ health, safety, and well-being

Our employees are our greatest asset. We pride ourselves in providing industry leading benefits, competitive pay, and flexibility to our employees. We encourage open communication and provide a confidential Employee Advocate as a resource for all employees. We also invest in our employee's future with career pathing options, leadership training and educational reimbursement opportunities.

Teaming with like-minded organizations

Supporting diverse suppliers improves our business, strengthens our communities, and contributes to the economic well-being of businesses and their employees. Armstrong values teamwork with partners and suppliers who are also committed to a more sustainable future.


Connected Communities

Armstrong is actively engaged in all our communities, building a culture of giving back. Our employees are your family, friends, and neighbors. Like you, we care for our communities in which we live and work.

Armstrong Neighborhood Channel

Original programming for and about your community, produced by award-winning, locally based television professionals.

Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread is one of Armstrong's most important community initiatives. This program is designed to help feed the hungry in the communities where we live, work, and provide service.

Healing Heroes

Armstrong is proud to be a part of Healing Heroes, a partnership with Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs to provide highly trained service dogs to qualifying disabled veterans in the communities we serve.

Sustainability Journey

While Armstrong is still early in our sustainability journey, through assessment of our current impact, we hope to continue to inspire innovations that lead to sustainable success for years to come.