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A Parent’s Guide to Parental Controls

A Parent’s Guide to Parental Controls

Author: Craig/Wednesday, August 12, 2020/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet

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The school year is fast approaching, and whether your kids will be learning from home this year or headed back to school, it’s clear that the internet will be used for schoolwork more now than ever before. That doesn’t mean you should have to worry about what your kids are doing online. Zoom with enhanced Wi-Fi, supercharged by the Plume® app, makes it easy for parents to prioritize safe and healthy internet usage habits.


Keep track of usage with Profiles

Creating Profiles within the Plume® app allows you to assign devices that belong to each member of your household. Profiles make it easy to set permissions for individuals, allowing you to customize schedules, pause internet access, and see when each person was last home and online.



Encourage Healthy Habits

There are many questionable websites out there, and with the Plume® app’s Content Access feature, you can easily restrict content that is inappropriate for kids, teenagers, or even adults. You can also block or allow specific websites. The Plume app also provides real-time visibility into every site that has been blocked.

You can also manage time spent online with the Freeze Internet or Time Out options. The Freeze Internet option allows you to schedule offline hours during windows like bedtime and dinner time. The Time Out option lets you instantly create a 15- or 30-minute time-out for a person or device. More time spent on Fortnite than Algebra homework? Time Out is your new best friend, forcing a break from the game action when you decide!


A Safer Online Experience

With the growing number of smart devices at home, online attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. The Plume app provides real-time protection against phishing, spam, malware, botnets and other harmful attacks. It also gives you the flexibility to turn on these settings across the household, certain devices, or for individual users.




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