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#FeelGoodFriday with Healing Heroes - Jim and Jud

#FeelGoodFriday with Healing Heroes - Jim and Jud

Author: Dawn/Friday, October 16, 2020/Categories: Community

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Jim and Jud are our latest pairing for Healing Heroes.

We have followed Jud’s training and he has turned into quite a handsome and effective partner for Jim, who is a Vietnam Marine Veteran who lives near Zelienople, PA. Jim was wounded in combat and contracted malaria while spending over 2 years in Vietnam. 

Upon return, Jim struggled during a time when military service was not appreciated as it is today. He suffered from nightmares and social issues resulting from his PTSD, which was not diagnosed until 2012. Jim says Jud has been a “gamechanger” for him. Jud gently awakens him from nightmares by licking his face. Jim no longer has to take sleep medication and nightmares have significantly reduced. He says he knows Jud “has his back.” 

Jim is a post commander at his local VFW and says Jud has free range of the place when he is not by his side in his office. He says Jud gets compliments all the time because he is so handsome! 

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