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Watch Football Games in 4K!

Watch Football Games in 4K!

Author: Dawn/Friday, September 17, 2021/Categories: About Our Products, Sports, Programming

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For customers who have 4K availability, simply tune to Armstrong Channel 200 to watch the following events:

National Football League

10/7/21 – Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks, 8:00pm ET on FOX
10/14/21 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles, 8:00pm ET on FOX
10/21/21 – Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns, 8:00pm ET on FOX
10/28/21 – Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals, 8:00pm ET on FOX
11/4/21 – New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts, 8:00pm ET on FOX
11/11/21 – Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins, 8:00pm ET on FOX
11/18/21 – New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons, 8:00pm ET on FOX
12/2/21 – Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saints, 8:00pm ET on FOX
12/9/21 – Pittsburgh Steelers at Minnesota Vikings, 8:00pm ET on FOX
12/16/21 – Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers, 8:00pm ET on FOX

College Football

8/28/21 – Nebraska at Illinois, 1:00pm ET on FOX 
9/2/21 – Ohio St. at Minnesota, 8:00pm ET on FOX
9/4/21 – Penn St. at Wisconsin, 12:00pm ET on FOX
9/4/21 – LSU at UCLA, 8:30pm ET on FOX
9/11/21 – Oregon at Ohio St., 12:00pm ET on FOX
9/11/21 – Texas A&M at Colorado, 3:30pm ET on FOX
9/11/21 – Stanford at USC, 10:30pm ET on FOX
9/18/21 – Nebraska at Oklahoma, 12:00pm ET on FOX
9/18/21 – USC at Washington St., 3:30pm ET on FOX
9/25/21 – Notre Dame at Wisconsin, 12:00pm ET on FOX
11/27/21 – Ohio St. at Michigan, 12:00pm ET on FOX
12/4/21 – Big Ten Championship Game, 8:00pm ET on FOX
12/28/21 – Holiday Bowl, 8:00pm ET on FOX

Major League Baseball

9/11/21 – New York Yankees at New York Mets, 7:30pm ET on FOX

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