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Zoom Wi-Fi Extenders

Author: Jamie/Thursday, February 2, 2017/Categories: Zoom Internet

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Zoom Wi-Fi from Armstrong makes it easier for everyone in your home to access the Internet - all at the same time.

Ever experience areas in and around your home with little or no Wi-Fi signal? These areas are called, dead zones. These dead zones can be triggered by interference from a variety of factors such as your home's construction, ceiling and walls, or the distance from your router. To ensure your home has adequate Wi-Fi coverage, a Zoom Wi-Fi Extender may be required.

Adding a Zoom Wi-Fi Extender for $3.99 per month to an area with weak coverage gives greater signal throughout your home and expands your Wi-Fi range. As you move from room to room, your devices will connect seamlessly to access the point that has the best signal.

If you have dead zones in your home, call usa to find out if a Zoom Wi-Fi Extender can help.


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