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The Armstrong app is an easy-to-use management hub for your Armstrong account and your Zoom internet, Talk and EXP services. Download the Armstrong app today for fast access to your email, make a payment on your account, contact support, sign up for service alerts, listen to your voicemail, view what’s on TV tonight and more.



  • View your bill summary
  • Receive notifications when your statement is due
  • Make a one-time payment on your account
  • Enroll in Auto-Pay

Account Management

  • Change your password
  • Sign up for outage notifications
  • Edit your communication preferences
  • Check the status of, reschedule or cancel your service visit


  • Shop for new Armstrong services 24/7
  • Upgrade your Zoom internet
  • Add Talk (home phone)
  • Browse TV packages
  • View and manage your internet usage
  • Order accessories


  • Check your email
  • View your personalized channel lineup
  • Quickly link to TV Everywhere partner apps
  • Listen to and manage your voicemail
  • Enable and disable call forwarding


  • Find an Armstrong office in your community
  • View equipment manuals
  • Troubleshooting self-help
  • Contact Armstrong Support:
Armstrong mobile app

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