Setting EXP Parental Controls

With the Parental Controls feature, you are in control of your TV.

Press the TiVo button and select Menu. Choose Settings and Parental & Purchase Controls.

  • Once you have reached the Parental & Purchase control menu, you will have access to:
    • Turn on/off Parental Controls
    • Show/Hide Adult Content
    • Set Rating Limits
    • Lock/Unlock Channels
    • Purchase Controls
  • When you turn on Parental Controls, you MUST create a four digit Parental Controls password.
    • You MUST enter this password to make changes in Parental Controls.
    • Click CHANGE PASSWORD on the Parental Controls screen to update.
    • Your password is automatically deleted if you turn Parental Controls off.

Managing Settings:

TV/Movie Ratings

Ratings shaded in green are not locked; ratings in red are locked. Use the UP/DOWN ARROWS to adjust which ratings are locked.

Block by TV Content

Types of content marked by broadcasters as able to be blocked are listed. Select each type of content you want to block, then use the UP/DOWN ARROWS to adjust which ratings are blocked.

Block Unrated Programs

Some movies and TV shows are unrated. Select this setting to block all unrated movies or TV shows.

Locking Channels

You can lock specific channels, or all channels. To view a locked channel you MUST enter your Parental Control password.

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