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OnePass® Recordings

OnePass® gathers every episode of a series available anywhere and adds them all right to your My Shows list. If it’s not available on TV or video on demand, OnePass fills in the gaps with episodes from streaming providers like Netflix. Your OnePass® recording automatically records every episode of a series that airs on a certain channel — even if the day or time changes! Just select a show from the guide or your search results, and choose Get OnePass.

If the TiVo service finds any conflicts in scheduling upcoming episodes of the OnePass® recording, you'll be asked to choose whether you want to keep the previously scheduled recording or record the new show instead.

OnePass® Recording Options

When you set up a OnePass® recording, you can choose how many episodes to keep and for how long. Choose new only if you want to skip the re-runs.

Cancel the recording of any episode in a OnePass® recording collection by highlighting the title in the To Do List and pressing the CLEAR button. Delete the entire OnePass® recording collection or change recording options using the OnePass® Manager.

To Do Lists

Use the To Do List

To view the To Do List, on a DVR, press the TiVo button then select menu. Select manage and choose To Do List.

You'll see a list of all shows scheduled to record in the next two weeks or so. Highlight any show and press the ok/select button to see available options.

Cancel OnePass Recordings

Cancel a Recording

To cancel a recording, just highlight the show title on the To Do List and press the CLEAR button.

Viewing Recording Activity

To view reording activity, go to menu > manage > recording activity.

The recording activity is organized by date; use the UP/DOWN arrows to browse the shows in the list. Select the show's title for more information about it.

OnePass Manager

OnePass® Manager

OnePass® recordings are prioritized by the order in which you set them up, with the first having the highest priority, and so on.

To view the OnePass® Manager, on a DVR, press the TiVo button then choose menu. Select manage then OnePass manager.

Use the UP/DOWN arrows to highlight a repeating recording, and press the RIGHT arrow to highlight the arrows to the right of the title, then use the UP/DOWN arrows to move the selected title up or down in the list.

Because your DVR has multiple tuners, recording conflicts should be minimized. However, when too many shows are scheduled to record at the same time, only the shows with the highest priorities are recorded.

Editing a Repeating Recording

You can also use the OnePass® Manager to view and change recording options, view upcoming episodes, or cancel OnePass® recordings or auto-recording WishList searches. Highlight the show title and press the ok/select button to view available options.

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