Troubleshooting the EXP App: iOS

App Launch/Login Issues

My App crashes/exits when I try to launch it

  • If the EXP App unexpectedly closes soon after you open it, your iOS device may not be running the latest software version or could be modified.

If you are experiencing issues locating your DVR through the EXP App:

  • Make sure your iOS Phone or Tablet is using the Wi-Fi connection and not 3G/4G.
  • Verify that your DVR is connected to your network by forcing a connection to the TiVo service: Settings & Messages > Settings > Network > Connect to the TiVo Service now.
  • Powercycle the DVR. Once restarted, connect it with the iOS device again.
  • If your device still can't locate your DVR, restart your network router by unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds and plugging it back in. Once the router restarts and your iOS device has reconnected to your router, attempt to locate and connect to your DVR again.
    • Note: The EXP App uses the Bonjour discovery system. Some routers do not support this system. Please check with your router manufacturer to determine if there is a defect and if upgrade is available.
  • If you are using a wireless connection on your DVRs, you may want to consider using a wired connection through Ethernet or MoCA. This will improve the speed of your video downloads.
  • Streaming is not possible if your iOS device is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Error: "Network error occurred" when logging in:

  • Verify that you have an internet connection on your mobile device and you are able to access websites from your mobile device.
  • If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, turn Wi-Fi (on your iOS) off and on again.
  • Force close the EXP App and launch it again.

Error: "In order to use this application, you need to be connected to the Internet"

  • Make sure your iOS device is not in "Airplane Mode".
  • If using Wi-Fi, verify that your router and modem are operational.
  • If using cellular, verify that you are connected to a 3G/4G network.

My TiVo device's name shows up as "DVR####"

  • The EXP App for iOS could not fully assess your DVR information due to a failure with Bonjour Discovery on your network. Instead of showing your DVR's name, your DVR is being identified as "DVR####", where "####" is the last four characters of your TiVo serial number. The EXP App can still connect to the DVR in this state and all features supported on the EXP App for DVR will work as normal.

I renamed my DVR, and now the EXP App lists both names, but I can't select either one

  • The local network has catched the old name. Please reboot your DVR to clear out the cache.

Streaming/Downloading Issues

Steaming/Downloading Issues

  • Is your device rooted? As part of the effort to ensure secure distribution of content to Apple devices, TiVo and our content partners have established specific guidelines. Unfortunately, rooted devies do not meet these guidelines and are therefore restricted from accessing the streaming feature.

Streaming Live TV:

  • There are multiple factors that can hinder a live TV Stream. The most common issue: Not enough tuners
    • Streaming live TV requires a dedicated tuner from your DVR. Your DVR uses a process called Dynamic Tuner Allocation to automatically dedicate tuners for streaming to other devices. However, if all your turners are being used, you will not be able to stream Live TV until you manuall free up a tuner.

Error: "To be Announced" or "No Information Available" on some programs in My Shows

  • Programs that have been transferred to your DVR from another DVR currently do not transfer the data required by the EXP App for iOS to display the program information. The program information is required for the app to perform functions such as Watch now.

Error: "Problem playing recording" (TiVo Stream users only)

  • Some EXP App for mobile customers have reported that they receive an error after setting up the app with a standalone TiVo Stream. The app reports that the setup successfully completed, but when streaming a program, the error "Problem playing recording" appears. This issue will be fixed soon. In the meantime, perform the following steps to resolve the issue:
    • Force a Connection to the TiVo Service - this will ensure that the latest version of the software is installed.
    • In the EXP App, restart the TiVo Stream.
  • If these steps do not resolve the issue, Contact Support.

Something is wrong with my Streaming Content

  • If the EXP App is functioning correctly, but the content you are attempting to stream is missing or incorrect, verify that the DVR is recording the content correctly (naturally, this means you must troubleshoot at the DVR's location - you can't resolve this issue from an app).

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