Managing Your Wi-Fi Passwords in the HomePass® App

HomePass Access™ allows you to customize everyone’s level of access to your network.

Levels of Access:

  • HOME - No limitations. Share Home Wi-Fi passwords with people you implicitly trust. These passwords will allow Home devices to interact with all other similarly connected devices.
  • GUESTS - Limited Access. Share Guest Wi-Fi passwords with people who are temporary visitors to your home. The only devices visible to guests will be the ones you choose to make available.
  • INTERNET ONLY - Internet Only Access. Share these Wi-Fi passwords with acquaintances. Their devices will not be able to interact with any household devices.

How to share your Wi-Fi passwords:

  • Click on Home, Guest, or Internet Only to access that zone's settings page.
  • Next to the password you want to share, tap on the share icon.
  • Choose the method you want to use to share the password (SMS, email, Airdrop) and send it.
  • The recipient will receive a link. Clicking on it will take them to a web page from which they can copy the Network name and the password.

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