Tracking Internet Usage

Armstrong connected the first Zoom customer in Connellsville, PA back in November 1997. Since then, the Internet has evolved from a simple communication tool used by few to an integral part of life for many.

Since introducing Zoom, Armstrong has and continues to invest millions of dollars in its network to provide customers with the most affordable, reliable Internet experience available.

As the Internet continues to grow in popularity and functionality, Armstrong has created a tool to help customers understand and manage their Internet Usage.

Internet Usage FAQ

  • How can I monitor my Internet Usage?
  • Why is Armstrong showing me this information?
  • Will faster Internet speeds cause me to use more?
  • How is Internet Usage measured?
  • How much data could I download per GB?
  • What is included in Internet Usage?
  • Why does my Internet Usage seem to go up even when I am not actively using the Internet?
  • Does the dashboard display Internet Usage in real-time?
  • What if I want to archive all of my Internet Usage?
  • How will Internet Usage be displayed?

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