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Windows 7 Internet Connection Setup

If you are experiencing issues and want to verify your Windows 7 Internet Connection settings, please review the following steps:

Depending on your user access, you may be prompted to log in as the Administrator

  • Click the Start button
  • Right-click Network
  • Choose Properties
  • On the left, click Change Adaptor Settings
  • Right-click Local Area Connection
  • Click Properties
  • Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Click Properties
  • Under the General tab ensure the following are selected:
    • Obtain an IP address automatically
    • Obtain DNS server address automatically
  • Under the Alternate Configuration tab
    • Ensure that the Automatic private IP address option is checked
  • Click the Advanced button
  • Under the IP Settings tab ensure the following:
    • That these options are listed: IP addresses and DHCP Enabled
    • That nothing is listed under the Default gateways option
    • That the Automatic metric option is checked
  • From the DNS tab, verify the following:
    • That the Append primary and connection specific DNS suffixes option is selected
    • That the Append parent suffixes of the primary DNS suffix option is checked
    • That the Register this connection's addresses in DNS option is checked
    • That the Append these DNS suffixes (in order) option is NOT selected
  • From the WINS tab, verify the following:
    • Verify that the WINS addresses box is empty
    • Verify that the Enable LMHOSTS lookup option is checked
    • Verify that the Default: Use NetBIOS setting from the DHCP server option is selected
  • Close any open windows by clicking OK
  • Once all windows are closed you will be prompted to restart your computer
  • Once restarted, your changes should take effect
  • If not, go back to Local Area Connection, right-click and select Enable

Your Windows 7 Internet Connection settings are setup correctly to work with Zoom Internet. If you are still experiencing issues, contact us. We're here to help!

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