Managing Unified Voice

On this page you'll find helpful tips, multimedia and manuals for setting up Unified Voice and MaX Meeting.

Helpful Tips

Creating an Account

Register for an account to pay your bill and manage your services.

  • At the Sign In screen, select Register for
  • Enter your account number
  • Enter your PIN or telephone number
  • Select Next
  • Enter your desired username
  • Enter and confirm a password that is at least 8 characters and includes 1 number
  • Select Register
  • Establish your security questions and answers

Note: if you ever forget your password, you will be able to reset it online using your secret questions and answers.

Manage Voice Mail Settings

Once you are logged into CommPortal click on Message Settings under Your Services.

Here you can choose to forward your messages as an email, manage mailbox access and setup different greeting.

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SimRing Setup

Recieve your business calls anywhere with SimRing.

  • Log in to your Unified Voice account
  • Select Follow Me from the menu
  • Check Forward calls your recieve to one or more alternate destinations
  • Add a rule to forward calls to your mobile, home, or other phone
  • Click Apply

MaX Meeting

MaX Meeting provides audio and video conferencing over the internet, including web collaboration features such as screen sharing, whiteboard annotations, and presentation capabilities.

If you have set up MaX Desktop with MaX Meeting, you can invite any of your contacts to join you in a meeting, even if they do not have MaX Desktop!

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