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Armstrong Armor: Protecting You and Your Family

Author: Melissa/Tuesday, October 20, 2015/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet, Television Plus, Telephone

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It is important that we teach kids about the dangers of posting online, viewing specific shows on TV, and talking to strangers. With the way technology is advancing, kids are becoming more tech savvy than ever before.

Parents are encouraged to review their internet profiles and applications to assure that their children understand the privacy settings* and what is allowed to be posted online.

Tips to share with children:
  • Stay on familiar sites
  • Ignore pop-ups and contests
  • Never reveal personal information to anyone
  • Inform an adult if they feel uncomfortable about something they saw or heard

As kids flip through channels while watching TV, there are possibilities that they will come across shows they shouldn't be viewing. Parental Controls are the best way to review different programs that your child can see. Explaining the TV ratings are always important in case they aren't at home and they have to decide for themselves if they should be watching a program or not. At Common Sense Media, parents can read reviews and share comments about different movies and television shows they have seen. 

Talking to strangers and knowing who to call in case of emergencies are two valuable things to make sure your children understand. Habits like these are easy to learn at a young age. Helping them memorize the home/cell phone numbers of a parent or guardian is important in case they should need to contact you for any reason. It is also a good idea to have a list of emergency numbers next to the phone so they are aware of their options if something major should happen. 

Read more about how you can protect your family from dangerous situations by visiting

*Privacy settings for the top social media sites are listed below for your convenience:

Facebook / Twitter / Snapchat / Instagram / Pinterest


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