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Batteries Not Included

Author: Adam/Wednesday, December 10, 2014/Categories: About Our Products, Zoom Internet

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The biggest Christmas morning issue my father had when I was growing up was making sure he had enough of the correct batteries for all of the electronic gadgets and games (and enough patience to deal with decals.) Today, the most pressing Christmas morning issue is making sure that everyone can get connected to the internet. With every game console, handheld game, smart TV, Blu-ray player, tablet or smartphone you have to be connected to the internet. Armstrong doesn't want you to be caught without a connection on Christmas morning. Zoom Share from Armstrong gets all the new gadgets in your house this holiday connected to the unsurpassed speed and reliability of Zoom Internet. An Armstrong technician can have you set up and ready well before the presents are unwrapped. And don't forget about those house guests. With holiday company coming and going make sure you're not left without a connection for your friends and family either. Get Zoom Share from Armstrong today!

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