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Google Earth 9 Added to IOS

Author: Noah/Wednesday, August 2, 2017/Categories: Technology News

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Three and a half months after the release on Android, the newest updates to Google Earth have now been added to IOS. Google Earth 9 includes Four novel functions with their own interesting features.

Knowledge Cards will “feature rich information about thousands of places and landmarks around the world.” (Google blogs). Additionally, the cards may provide points of interest nearby the selected location.  The cards appear at the bottom of the phone’s screen when a location is searched.

The Voyager Option, a button in the shape of ship’s wheel, provides what google refers to as “Stories.” Stories may be structured as “detailed multi-day itineraries” or, in the case of the “Mexico City Street Food” story, a series of locations connected by locality and a common theme.

Directly next to the Voyager option is the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. It, represented by a white die, will take the user to a random location on google earth.

Lastly, Google has included a Postcard option via a camera button located on the tool bar. Many locations are rendered in 3D allowing for users to take pictures of areas from unreachable vantage points.


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