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Privacy Defender

Author: Melissa/Tuesday, October 25, 2016/Categories: Telephone, Special

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Privacy Defender allows you to control incoming calls, giving you the ability to screen and reject unwanted calls from telemarketers and anonymous numbers.

When using Privacy Defender, one or both of the following call screen features could be enabled:

  • Telemarketer Call Screening
  • Anonymous Call Screening

Turn on or off each call screening feature that you have access to by specifying a personal three-digit bypass code. Give people this number to allow them to bypass the anonymous call screening feature. 

  • Instead of being required to record their name, someone who knows this code can simply press the * key followed by this code to be put through to your phone. 

If you turn off both telemarketer call screening and anonymous call screening, all calls are put through to your phone as usual even if they are from telemarketers or anonymous callers.

Get started using Privacy Defender and block those unwanted calls!

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