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Add Your Device Name to Alexa Commands

When there are other Amazon devices connected to your TV like an Amazon Fire-TV or Amazon Fire-Stick, it is important to add your device name to the Alexa command for it to work correctly and route the command to the correct TiVo skill.

Alexa Command Example:

  • "Alexa, watch NBC in Living Room"
    • This will change the channel to NBC on the box named "Living Room" by default
    • "Living Room" is the EXP device name used in this example

If there has been no Alexa activity on the EXP device for approximately 90 minutes, the TiVo skill will lose focus and timeout. This can happen from watching a long show or movie. In order to give focus back to TiVo so Alexa knows you want to control the EXP device, you will also need to add "Device Name" or "TiVo" to the command.

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