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What is Alexa? And what is an Echo?

The Echo is a device that uses speech recognition to perform an ever-growing range of tasks on command. Amazon calls the built-in brains of this device "Alexa". Her real smarts are on the internet, in the cloud-computing service run by Amazon.

How does Alexa work with EXP?

EXP customers can use an Amazon Echo to execute Alexa voice commands to interact with and control their EXP devices (MG1,MG2,Mi3,Qi3). For instance, an Amazon Echo using Alexa voice commands can be used to pause, fast forward, rewind, change channels, open the guide, launch apps and so on.

Some examples include:

  • Alexa, pause
  • Alexa, watch CBS
  • Alexa, change the channel to 108
  • Alexa, go to Home
  • Alexa, launch Netflix

How do I activate Alexa with EXP?

Subscribers must activate the Alexa feature on both their EXP device and within the Alexa app. Alexa can be used to control each EXP device on the account. Each device must be activated separately.

Is Armstrong providing Echo devices to EXP customers?

No, Amazon Echo devices can be purchased at retailers or directly through Amazon.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no additional cost to use Alexa with EXP.
  • The only cost would be purchasing an Amazon Echo device if you do not own one already.
  • The price currently for these devices range from $34.99 for an Echo Dot on the low end and $229.99 for an Echo Show on the higher end.

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