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Alexa Guided Setup

Now Amazon's cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) system "Alexa" can be used to control EXP devices.

EXP On-Screen App Instructions

  • Connect EXP to Alexa using the EXP Remote
    • Press the TiVo button
    • Select Apps
      • *Verify that your device is connected to the same network as your EXP boxes. This is typically your Zoom Wi-Fi router.
  • Confirm you are viewing the ALL apps category
  • Select the "works with Alexa" on-screen app (this will load the "connect to Amazon Alexa" screen)
  • You will see an activation code and your current EXP box name - do not close this screen as you will need the activation code to linking EXP to the Alexa app

Link the TiVo Skill to Alexa

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet - download the app for iOS or Android
  • Tap and select the hamburger menu icon
  • Select the skills option from the menu
  • In the search bar, type "TiVo" - this will search Alexa for the TiVo Skill
  • Select "TiVo" from the list and click "Enable" - this will enable the TiVo skill for Alexa
  • Once the TiVo skill has been enabled, refer back to your on-screen connect to Alexa.
  • Enter the on-screen activation code into your smartphone or tablet device and tap "submit"
    • Make sure your EXP box has a name that is easy to remember. You will need to say the device name when issuing a voice command.
  • In the Alexa app, "tap the checkbox" then click "connect"
  • A message stating "TiVo has been successfully linked" should show up. Keep in mind, each individual EXP device will still need to be linked to Alexa.
  • Visit the "Skills" menu in the Alexa app to verify that "TiVo" is now an enabled skill

Linking EXP Devices to Alexa

  • From the Skills menu in the Amazon Alexa app, search and select the "TiVo" skill
  • Tap the "settings" button to be directed to the skill screen
  • Select "Manage in TV & Video"
  • Tap the "Manage and Link Devices" menu
    • During the initial setup, it will display "There are currently no linked devices."
  • Tap and select the "Link Another Device" button
  • Select the EXP device you are linking to Alexa, then press "continue"
  • Select which Amazon Alexa devices you want to be able to control the EXP/TiVo devices
  • Click "Link Devices"
  • Your EXP device should now display in the Amazon Alexa app as a "linked device." Repeat this process to link other EXP/TiVo devices by tapping "Link Another Device."

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