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Watching TV & Controlling Live TV

Hitting the Live TV button will take you to live TV.

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Finding Shows and Movies on EXP

To search for TV shows and movies, web videos, On Demand content, and more, use the TiVo Home Screen.

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EXP Home Screen

Easily access popular destinations in the EXP experience; get personalized recommendations from the SmartBar and What to Watch, and watch/control the current-playing show.

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EXP Voice Features

The EXP Voice feature gives you access to speak into your voice compatible remote control to perform a number of different actions.

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Start Over

Start Over is a feature on EXP that allows you to restart many programs that are currently airing, as well as watch thousands of shows that have aired in the last 3 days (72 hours) on an enabled channel.

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Recording Shows & Movies

OnePass® gathers every episode of a series available anywhere and adds them all right to your My Shows list.

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Setting EXP Parental Controls

With the Parental Controls feature, you are in control of your TV.

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EXP QuickView

While you're watching live TV or a recorded show, QuickView lets you see what else is playing now or coming up without missing the action on the show you're watching.

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My Shows

The My Shows list contains all of your recordings, plus links to your streaming videos from On Demand or apps like Netflix, Hulu, and more.

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TV Error Codes

Receiving an error code when trying to watch your Armstrong TV programming? Try the resolutions offered here.

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Replacing your Remote

If your Armstrong TV remote is at the end of its life, is no longer working as intended, or maybe you’ve misplaced the device, Armstrong customers have a few options to replace or exchange remote controls.

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EXP Stream Supported Devices

With EXP Stream, you can use your own devices to stream all of your TV by simply downloading the "Armstrong EXP Stream" app to a compatible device.

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