Get to know the Plume® HomePass App

On this page you'll find helpful tips and guides for setting up and navigating the Plume HomePass® App.


Getting Started


View our quick start guide to learn about the Plume HomePass® app.

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Creating Profiles

Profiles allow you to manage people in your household or a group of devices on your network.

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Managing Your Wi-Fi Passwords

HomePass® Access allows you to customize everyone’s level of access to your network.

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View & Manage Devices

Easily view and manage devices currently on your home network, as well as device connection history and devices on guest access.

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Configure Parental Controls

Parental controls allow you to set content access rights for each profile or at the device level.

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Wi-Fi Security

Advanced security allows real-time protection against cyberthreats. Plus you can control which security features are enabled.

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Running a Speed Test

You can manually run a speed test at any time via the HomePass® app.

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HomePass® Sense

HomePass® Sense uses SuperPods and the Wi-Fi connected devices in your home to detect motion.

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Advanced Features

Reserving a Static IP

Although not typically required, it is possible to reserve a static IP address for your devices in the HomePass® app.

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Setting up Custom DNS

By default, your Wi-Fi will be set to use Armstrong's DNS servers. However, the HomePass® app also allows you to use a Custom DNS.

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Setting up Port Forwarding

Port forwarding allows you to open specific ports in the router’s firewall which are needed by some services to communicate to devices on your network.

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